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Love 2.0

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I met you five years ago after you read my dating profile on the internet. We met for an evening and then I said I didn’t want to see you again and we didn’t. Your name has faded from my memory but I remember a lot about you.

“I ran past you in the park the other day when you were smelling a flower. Yesterday, you left the restaurant as I arrived. This morning you stood on the uptown platform while I waited for the downtown train. For one evening, be more than a perfect stranger.”

You liked this profile – I felt awkward writing it but I was glad it had found you.

I chose the Fitzpatrick Hotel on the Upper Eastside for us to meet and share a small meal. You’d move from Nebraska where you lived with your grand parents to pursue a career in New York’s publishing scene. Your life was filled with books and running; running mile after mile on your own. You preferred the company of older country people and I don’t think you’d made too many new friends.

The carefully applied makeup sat uncomfortably on your face that night and I appreciated it all the more. You were comically beautiful, like an American who moves to Japan and finds she is suddenly very tall. At home you were a pretty grand daughter and took this as just another complement among many. Here you were a young woman with lips that longed to be kissed.
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February 23, 2009 at 12:09 pm

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Nurse Megan Says – Stop Smoking!

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Megan and Nisa work at a hospital in Richmond; they rehabilitate men returning from Iraq who are unable to move their arms and legs.  Nisa is forty years old and enjoys talking to me about her work.  She has ten years service with the Army medical corps, tended to soldiers in two Gulf wars and picked up the pieces from numerous conflicts in the Balkans.  Megan is twenty three and more interested in pushing me on to the bar’s dance floor.

The women assume the man standing to my left is a friend from New York; in reality we met at the bar upstairs about an hour ago.  He is a banker from Connecticut appraising two Virginia venture capital funds that his father-in-law wants to buy. 

I find Megan fascinating; she is both beautiful and interested in me.  But more than this, she is two separate lives that she has unknowingly combined into one.  With the relaxed talk of a recently retired bar tender she flips her conversation between two sides of a vinyl record.  On Side A, she is s buying a Coach handbag with her a tax refund check and getting drunk in Times Square for the first time. On Side B she is washing bodies that don’t move anymore and explaining what days are like without a set of bowels.  It strikes me as cruel when she refers to an ex-boyfriend as a douche bag.

With an Orthodox wedding ring on my right hand, the bar incorrectly decides I am the perfect British bachelor and that Megan and I should be together.  My acquaintance from Connecticut has been relegated to just, interesting as he wears his wedding ring on the more conventional left hand.  Later on when Megan lies naked in my arms, I will bury my guilty right hand deep beneath the pillows.
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February 23, 2009 at 11:37 am

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